We believe this deeply.

And, we know our public heath care system is not as effective as it can be.

Our mission is to empower and improve individual and community health by increasing equitable access to preventative wellness services for all, but centered on groups that have been historically marginalized.

Our vision is to create holistic community wellness clinics within any neighborhood or community center in whose residents are in need of consistent, relevant, and effective preventive wellness services.

We are guided by these

Key Principals


Being well involves awareness and attendance to our mental, relational, physical, spiritual, nutritional, purposeful, environmental, and financial wellbeing.


Relationships matter, focusing
on local connection-building between providers and their fellow community members has a positive ripple effect on us all.


We listen to what is present and offer what is relevant. We don’t determine your wellness needs, you do. We work to build services that are beneficial to our local communities.


Wellness providers are often called on to give and then give more. Burn-out is real and it is an obstacle we need to address. Fair compensation for community- based wellness services is crucial to make real, sustainable change.

"As a primary care physician in Madison for over 20 years, I saw first-hand the limitations of traditional “Western” medicine, with its emphasis on treating disease instead of promoting health, and the impact of socioeconomic disparities on a person’s and community’s well-being. I chose to be a part of Be Well Madison in order to improve the health of my community, especially those that are traditionally marginalized. I hope to offer my experience/perspective as a physician to collaborate with like-minded practitioners."
- Dr. Heidi Eimermann, Whole You Acupuncture

Our Work

Currently, we are partnered with the Bridge Lake Point Waunona Neighborhood Center, addressing both youth mental health and chronic pain through massage therapy.

And, we have partnered with the Madison Public Library and Wisconsin Mujeres for a series Live Well @ Your Library of events offering wellness services, resources, a community conversation and invited feedback with a survey. Here are results from our question: "What services would you like to have offered in your neighborhood?"

We are excited to announce our newest partnerships with Lussier Community Education Center and Kennedy Heights Community Center.

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Ways to be Engaged


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If you want holistic approach to wellness services at your center, connect with us!

Our Approach to Wellness

Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness encompasses emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It impacts our thoughts, feelings, actions, how we mange stress, relate to others, and our ability to make thoughtful decisions and choices.  
Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Wellness allows you to live a life that is consistent with your personal belief and moral systems while discovering your sense of purpose and meaning.
Purpose Wellness
Purpose focuses on identifying what brings meaning to your life and putting your attention and energy into thoughts and actions that align with your values.
Environmental Wellness
Environmental Wellness supports a lifestyle that places value on the relationship between yourself, your community, and the environment.
Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness is the capability to sustain a positive quality of life that allows you to experience the most out of your daily activities without feelings of pain, stress or fatigue.
Relational Wellness
Relationship Wellness focuses on creating and nurturing supportive, affirming and meaningful connections with ourselves, others, and our community.
Nutritional Wellness
Nutritional Wellness centers on incorporating health-giving habits that support both physical wellbeing and a positive relationship with food.
Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness centers on providing educational resources on how to successfully and responsibly manage your finances and relationship with money.
This group is intended to inform you of choices and to facilitate collaboration among professionals, without recommending or prescribing. A listing on this website does not imply endorsement.