Community Engagement

One of the unique aspects of Be Well Madison is that our mission and vision focus on serving our communities. Utilizing resources such as the Dane County Community Needs Assessment we recognize the inequalities of access to wellness services for too many of our fellow residents. The ripple effects of these limitations are felt by us all, in big and small ways.

We are passionate about contributing our unique voice to the wonderful organizations that are already addressing health and wellness in the Madison Community. Our goal is to bring together the shared resources of our membership to build sustainable and impactful community wellness initiatives that lead to positive change in the wellbeing of Madison, WI. and beyond.

To that end, our main initiative is building Community Wellness Clinics within our neighborhood centers. Simultaneously, we will always stay open and prepared to partner and collaborate with other community organizations.

Our Main Initiative:

Community Wellness Clinics

We recognize that some of the main barriers to wellness services are access, cost, stigma and relevance of services. To address these, we are working to create community wellness clinics for our neighborhood community centers.

Our focus is on meeting the unique needs of the residents in our neighborhoods and creating wellness services that are beneficial and flexible for them. Our goal is to expand to every center in need within 5 years.

Currently, we are working on this initiative with the BLW Center. We jointly assessed the wellness needs of their residents and identified essential areas. We will match those needs with practitioners and programs offered by our membership. During this pandemic we continued our work together, identifying ways we can offer services virtually.

Our work with the BLW Center will allow us to collect useful data to learn from and effectively expand our programming into more neighborhood centers. To successfully get this off the ground we need financial support.

Let’s help Madison Be Well, Together.

Bringing wellness services to neighborhood community centers is an initiative that will bridge a critical gap in the access to wellness. If this work is of interest to you and you have the ability to give generously, please do.