The Importance of
Being Resourced

Wellbeing involves active practice as well as building our knowledge and increasing our awareness through continual learning. Below you will see we've provided access to some beneficial and reputable resources around different aspects of wellness. This is not an exhaustive list, but we feel it is a good starting point.

Additionally, we know that a well community is one that provides numerous sources of support to its residents. Below you will find links to local organizations committed to supporting community wellbeing in Madison and surrounding areas.
If you are a local organization and would like to add your voice to this list please reach out.

General Wellness

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness focuses on emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It contributes to how stress is handled, how we relate to others, and decision-making. Mental Wellness is very important throughout each stage of life. Be Well offers the following programs that support the allowance and acceptance of all emotions and encourage the awareness of perspectives and beliefs. Here are some examples of approaches used to support your mental wellness.

    - Psychotherapy
    - Art therapy
    - Meditation and Mindfulness
    - Yoga

Mental and physical health can have a direct impact on each other. At Be Well we want you to feel like your best self on the inside and out, so we’ve provided some information on how practices such as yoga can improve mental health and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression:

Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness is the capability to sustain a positive quality of life that allows you to experience the most out of your daily activities without feelings of stress or fatigue. Be Well offers the following programs to help individuals move their bodies in ways that allow them to engage in life how they wish to.

    -  Acupuncture
    -  Chiropractic
    -  Tai Chi
    -  Yoga
    -  Massage
    -  Functional movement
    -  Physical & Occupational therapy
    -  Massage for chronic pain
    -  Various physical activities


Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness allows you to live a life that is consistent with your personal belief and moral systems while discovering your sense of purpose and meaning. Be Well offers the following programs that encourage dignity for all lives, help individuals in exploring or strengthening their faith, a connection beyond oneself, or finding a sense of belonging.

    - Spiritual counseling
    - Spiritual meditation
    - Reiki


Relational Wellness

Relationship Wellness focuses on creating and nurturing important and encouraging relationships with others. Be Well offers the following programs to help individuals improve the quality of connection to themselves and others.

    - Psychotherapy
    - Community building
    - Volunteerism
    - Family support
    - Coaching
    - Family events: Yoga, Art, Dance, Music, Mindfulness


Purpose Wellness

Purpose focuses on strengthening the ability to be your best self in everything you do. Be Well offers the following programs to help individuals find purpose in all areas of their life.

    - Social-Emotional learning Life coaching and mentoring
    - Volunteerism
    - Work-life balance


Nutritional Wellness

Nutritional Wellness centers on the improvement of health by incorporating healthy habits and balanced eating into your daily life. Be Well offers the following programs that address individual needs for nutrition and support access to nutrition. 

    - Nutrition counseling/Education
    - Cooking workshop
    - Food accessibility
    - Positive relationships with food


Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness supports a lifestyle that places value on the relationship between yourself, your community, and the environment. Be Well offers the following programs and resources that address needs for clean air, water, and home security and safety.

    - Access to nature
    - Environmental toxin education
    - Access to clean water and air
    - Home security and safety education
    - Life coaching and mentoring


Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness centers on providing educational resources on how to successfully and responsibly manage your finances. Be Well offers the following Programs and resources that help individuals access jobs, build career skills, and support financial security and literacy. 

    - Financial literacy
    - Career skills workshop
    - Access to equitable pay

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